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5 November 2019

All results are in, a few last minute Park runs to shake up the system.

Final scores (only includes the people who have done the qualifying number (5) of races), well done Emily and Keith for the top spots:

Name Total Races Total Score Average
Emily Sanders 8 759.45 94.93
Keith Morgan 8 721.01 90.13
Howard Winbow 8 712.95 89.12
Malcolm Busfield 8 685.15 85.64
Andy Lynch 8 677.22 84.65
Lee Ratcliffe 8 646.56 80.82
Jacqui Murray-Smith 8 633.26 79.16
Katie O'Donoghue 8 630.92 78.86
Nicola Dennison 8 627.7 78.46
Harvey Murray-Smith 8 625.81 78.23
Robert Saxton 8 616.88 77.11
Simon Harrison 7 556.99 79.57
James McMurtry 5 493.18 98.64
Jackie Wibberley 6 489.14 81.52
Cerry Limer 6 475.11 79.18
Louise Maskery 6 432.26 72.04
Val Playdon 5 395.22 79.04
Kate Tilsley 5 381.4 76.28
Andrew Zwolinski 5 381.38 76.28

Full stats can be found here:

6 October 2019

Shelton Striders today, last official race of the season!

Well done to all of those who made the trip to do the nasty 10k! :D

Ipstones 5 ish race too

9 August 2019

Piggs 10K - results here

Parwich Panoramic

Tara Kinder (just the 10K Lynch machine here)


12 July 2019

JCB 5 last night, great turnout for the club. It was meant to be drizzly but was hot, as usual! Guest appearance from Curtis Patterson

Results are here:

09 July 2019

Busy time, lots of races since last time.

Some news: Tara Kinder 10K is Full!
Shelton Striders 10k (on 6th Oct) Entries open 19th July 22:00

Calton Crawl

Meerbrook 15k

Bakewell Pudding

Parwich Hill

Colin Potter

17 June 2019

Sorry everyone, been busy so not many updates recently. Tissing Marathon, Wirksworth Incline, Sinfin and Tunnels and Trails since last time. Calton tomorrow night

9 April 2019

Derby 10K at the weekend, I keep saying there were some great times but you will believe me when you look at the scores you got.

1 April 2019

Cheadle and Weston and a couple of Half Marathons in already. The scores so far, details at the bottom of the page:

11 Feb 2019

Club Champ list updated with more details for each race. Some are still eluding us so please be patient. Sinfin 10K filling up fast.


Calendar and scoring information can be found in the links below. Plus Any Marathon, Any Half Marathon (apart from Ashbourne) and Any Parkrun (not just Bakewell and Markeaton)

Please email with any Half Marathon, Marathon or Park Run results and the winning time on the day.


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