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June 2020 - ARC Covid 19 Relay - Finished!

Flag Pole Hill

Records Runner Distance
Furthest Female Emily 4345 M
Furthest Male Chris 5423 M
Furthest Even Chris 5423 M
Furthest Odd Tom 5021 M

Line Up / Results

Team Even


Team Odd


Mon 01-Jun Malc 4104 Rhubarb Keith 2970 Scooby Doo
Tue 02-Jun Gillian 3750 Baton Barbie Faye 3267 Foam roller
Wed 03-Jun Steve 3700 Top Trumps Nick 3380 Hand fork
Thu 04-Jun Jen 3383 Space rocket Sophie 2900 Sticky stick
Fri 05-Jun Chris 5423 Captain America Andy 4506 Bike saddle
Sat 06-Jun Liz 4090 Cotton bud Charlie 3846 Hand fork
Sun 07-Jun Rob 5070 Spoon (wooden) Laura 3380 Vodka (small)
Mon 08-Jun Sarah 3701 Dog lead Catherine 3701 Recorder
Tue 09-Jun Dave 3260 Bottle opener and Gabriel Kate T 3718 Baton Betty
Wed 10-Jun Betty Rubble 4039 Bone (human?) Tinkerbelle 3605 Magic wand
Thu 11-Jun Harvey 3710 Harvey rabbit Jacqui 3380 Book (RLaG)
Fri 12-Jun Lee 4748 Beanie Birdy Nicola 4007 Hand sanitiser
Sat 13-Jun Paul 3734 Clock and tape measure Kim 4039 Lego baton
Sun 14-Jun Richard B 3500 Travel brolly Will 4908 Climbing friend
Mon 15-Jun Matt H 3970 Shampoo Rosie 4313 Climbing nut
Tue 16-Jun Richard K 4420 Quackers James 4168 Kettle
Wed 17-Jun Ella 4280 Baton (bread) Emily 4345 Bike pump
Thu 18-Jun Matt LL 4720 Fan Simon 4506 Jaws
Fri 19-Jun Lee 4796 Snorkel & mask Tom 5021 Thomas
Sat 20-Jun David L_W 4100 Bat suit Ben 4764 Nemo
Sun 21-Jun Malc 3412 Car keys Keith 4850 Car keys
Total Distance 85910 83574
Total Runners 21 21

Relay Rules

  1. Entries are now full.
  2. There will be 2 teams - Odds and Evens. Your birthday dictates which team you are in. For example, if your birthday is the 16th of the month, you are an “Even”.
  3. The list above shows the date we’d like you to do your run. One runner from each of the two teams will run each day. You are not expected to run together or on the same route or at the same time or anything complicated like that. If you can’t run on your allocated day, first please arrange a swap with another member of your team or if this fails post a message on the Facebook group. Latecomers can be added to the list during the event.
  4. Each runner runs for 19 minutes and records the distance covered - via Strava, GPS or “old skool” (OS map and a piece of cotton).
  5. Each runner MUST carry a baton for the duration of their run or their distance will be disallowed. The sillier, the better. There will be a prize for the “best” baton. Real relay batons are not allowed as they are not funny.
  6. Once a runner completes their run, they must post pictures of themselves and their baton on the Facebook page plus the distance covered.
  7. The team that has covered the most ground at the end of the challenge wins the much-coveted Covid-19 trophy.
  8. It is a competition, but no one should care too much who wins.
  9. Expect the rules to change mid-relay and if one team gets too far ahead the transfer window may be opened.
  10. And finally, seriously and most importantly, please observe the social distancing rules and guidelines in place at the time of your run.

17th Sept 2019

Chris Hollingshead was back and ran a great session on the Rec followed by a carb session at the BG

ch1.jpg ch2.jpg ch3.jpg ch4.jpg ch5.jpg ch6.jpg ch7.jpg ch8.jpg

7th May 2019

We had a great run around the Fell race route (and more) in Brassington which ended in the Olde Gate inn for some great food and chat

Brassington Top

26th March 2019 - Defib night

We had a demonstration of the defib equipment and then ran around town to some of the locations

Defib run

27th November 2018

Stuart Swalwell organised an orienteering event, ran in pairs (apparently) with checkpoints around Ashbourne - great fun. Scores as follows:

Runners Points
James, Howard & AndyL 440
Keith & Malc 340
DaveP & DaveT-S 330
Katie & Ewan 300
Sarah & Louise 260
Emily & Liz 260
Lee & Billy 240
Harvey & Rob 230
George & Bella fun

Orienteering Nov 2018