Christmas Relay

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ARC 24 Days of Christmas Relay

The relay starts Tuesday 1 December and will finish by Thursday 24 December.

There will be two teams. Each runner runs for 24 minutes and records their distance.

On 24 December, the winning team will be the one with the highest total distance covered.

We're also using this event to help others and voluntary contributions to the Ashbourne Food Bank are welcomed. Please see below for how to help.


The teams for the first week have been selected by the randomiser. Please complete your run between Tuesday 1 December and Sunday 6 December.

Week Team Elf Team Reindeer
w/c 1 Dec Val Playdon Liz Wilson
Sophie Eames Malc Busfield
Sam Bull Richard Broadhead
Faye Simons Dave Patrick
Gill Robson Matt Lomas
Rob Kaul Laura Wilkinson


  1. Please enter by posting on our Facebook page or by emailing
  2. There will be 2 teams – Team Elf and Team Reindeer, we’ll assign you to a team using day of birth or initials of your name etc to give us two nicely balanced teams.
  3. To give you some choice and flexibility on when you run, we’re dividing the 24 days into 4 periods. We’ll ask you to run in a particular one of those 4 periods and submit your distance by the end of your period. The periods are: Tuesday 1 December to Sunday 6 December. Monday 7 December to Sunday 13 December. Monday 14 December to Sunday 20 December. Monday 21 December to Thursday 24 December. If you can’t run in your allocated period, please try and arrange a swap with another member of your team or if this fails contact the club. Latecomers can be added to the list during the event.
  4. Each runner runs for 24 continuous minutes and records the distance covered - via Strava, GPS or “old school” (OS map and a piece of cotton).
  5. Each runner MUST be festive themed in some way. This could be a festive baton, fancy dress, be photographed during the run at a Christmasy location etc.
  6. Once a runner completes their run, they must post pictures of themselves with their festive theme plus the distance covered on our Facebook page or send an email to and we will publish it on Facebook for you.
  7. The team that has covered the most distance at the end of the challenge wins.
  8. Don’t forget it’s just a bit of fun, but of course there will always be those who will make it competitive.....
  9. And finally, seriously and most importantly, please observe the social distancing rules and guidelines in place at the time of your run.

Can we help local people in need?

While we’re enjoying our relay we’d like to extend the Christmas spirit to local people in need by supporting our food bank. The Ashbourne Food Bank ensures local residents who are struggling with low income and debt have food in times of need. As well as having its donation points for goods in local shops, the food bank also needs financial contributions to buy specific items and this is where we’d like to help. If you are able to help, whether or not you’re taking part in the relay the easiest way is to make a direct bank payment to our normal Ashbourne Running Club Bank Account, 30-90-25, 00303499 marking the reference as “Food Bank”. We will then transfer all the money collected to the food bank shortly before Christmas and let members know how we did. All donation details will of course be treated in confidence. Thank you for your support.