Fell Championship 2015 Details

The 2015 Fell races are as follows:

Short Races

Tuesday               12/05/15              Burbage Skyline                                19.30 hrs              BS           5.8m      1201ft                              

                                                          Starts from Fox House Inn, Longshaw, enter on the night

Thursday             04/06/15              Tansley Hill Race               19.30 hrs              BS           4.3m      600ft                                                                      

                                                         Starts from Tansley Fete Field, Spout Lane, enter on the night   

Tuesday               23/06/15              Riber Run                            19.30 hrs              BS           4.2m      1001ft                                                                   

                                                         Starts from Lea Green, Matlock, enter on the night

Wednesday        08/07/15               Black Rocks                         19.30 hrs              BS           5.6m      820ft                                                                      

                                                         Starts from Matlock RFC, Cromford Meadows, enter on the night

Thursday             06/08/15              Chevin 1                               19.30 hrs              BS           4.5m      850ft                                                                      

                                                         Starts from Milford Social Club, enter on the night

Thursday             13/08/15              Ricky’s Race                        19.00 hrs              BS           4.5m      787ft                                                                      

                                                         Starts from Three Stags Heads, Darley Bridge, enter on the night

Sunday                 20/09/15             Stanage Struggle              11.00 hrs              BS           6.2m      1165ft                                                                   

                                                         Starts from Hathersage Primary School, enter on the day

Medium Race

Saturday              09/05/15              Cressbrook Crawl             11.00                     BM         6.5m      1148ft                                   

                                  Starts from Cressbrook Club, Cressbrook, EOD, beer for all runners….

Sunday                 14/06/15              Passing Clouds                  11.00 hrs              BM         9.8m      1854ft                                                                   

                                                         Starts from Tittesworth Reservoir, enter on the day

Tuesday               01/09/15              Barrel Inn                            18.30 hrs              BM         6.5m      1509ft                                                                   

                                                          Starts from Eyam Sports Pavilion, EOD or pre-enter

Sunday                 08/11/15              Leg It Round Lathkil         11.30 hrs              BM         7.1m      951ft                                                                      

                                                          Starts from Lathkil Hotel, Over Haddon, enter on the day

Long Races

Sunday                 28/06/15              Kinder Trog                         11.00 hrs              AL           16.0m    3490ft                                                   

                                              Starts from the Scout Hut, Swallow House Lane, Hayfield, EOD

Sunday                 16/08/15              Belper Rugby Rover        09.30 hrs              CL           18.6m    2201ft                                                                   

                                                          Starts from Belper RUFC, EOD or pre-enter

Ashbourne RunningClub,
19 Nov 2015, 13:45