Carsington Time TrIal

This has been on the "To Do" list for a quite a while. Basically its a set course around Carsington and it gives you a chance to monitor your time on the course for the season and compare year on year if you wish. Why not run it early in the year and then later in the year when hopefully you are fitter...

We will produce a table of all the times. 
Why not run the loop in both directions to see the difference in terrain and time !!!

The route starts/finishes in Sheepwash car park. General rule of thumb running clockwise is keep the lake on your right hand side and take shortest path all the way round. When nearing the visitor centre keep to path that goes around back of playground and through the coach car park...

 Date             Name Direction Notes Time
 16/06/12 Paul Mannion     Clockwise Windy/Footpath Relay 43:12
 13/06/12     Paul Mannion     Clockwise Recce 1:02:06
 13/10/12     Emily Sanders Anti-Clockwise 7.83 Miles         1:05:50
 16/06/12     Howard Winbow Anti-Clockwise Footpath Relay     53:46
  Craig Clayton   52:08
 10/11/12 Steve Tilsley ClockwiseCalm & Mild 1:14:30
 10/11/12 Steve Tooms ClockwiseCalm & Mild 1:15:10 
 10/11/12 Sue Ecroyd Clockwise Calm & Mild 1:15:20
 22/09/13    Steve Tilspey Clockwise Warm & Dry 1:11:07