28th November 2017

Fell Championship 2017

Leg it round Lathkill and the Roaches races a few weeks ago

Results below:

Congratulations to James & Emily who are both now uncatchable!

See the Fell Championship page for results so far.

Club Championship 2017

A few Parkrun times and Half / Full marathon times have been added to the results, please let us know if we are missing a time.

See the Club Championship page for more details and the current standings.               

Half Marathon

Thanks to all the help on Sunday, the marathon was a great success again. 

Results and photos will be displayed at http://www.ashbournehalfmarathon.co.uk/ .

Beginners Running Group 2017 - (continues Tuesday 6pm 11th July)

Well done to the group of 2017. We had over 20 in the group and they handled it well. We look forward to seeing you over the following weeks.

For those of you that are still thinking about it, you can still come along:
New to Running or want to get back into training after a layoff?
We will be starting a beginners group, starting on Tuesday 4th July, meeting at 6pm at the leisure centre and is organised and led by our qualified Running Leader members.

Bring your friends and give it a try, we look forward to seeing you.

Fell Championship 2017

Cressbrook Crawl race at the weekend, not sure if any of us attended, we'll keep looking for the results
Kong Mini Mountain Marathon starting at the Told Dog in Thrope is next on the 20th May.

See the Fell Championship page for more details.


Contact Us

If you cant find the information you are looking for, contact us at ashbournerunning@gmail.com

You may already be a runner or just want to get fit but the thought of running to the end of the road makes you break out in a cold sweat, either way Ashbourne Running Club can help you improve.

With access to help from a experienced runners, regular running sessions coupled with the support of existing members we can help you achieve that goal whether it's a small local event, 10K, Half  Marathon or a Full Marathon.

If you're interested why not come along to one of our Tuesday sessions from Ashbourne Lesiure Centre (meet at 7pm). It's an ideal opportunity to have a chat to members, find out more about the club and get information on other training sessions as well as local & national races.